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Appointment Information

  • We are not a bulk billing clinic. Payment is due on the day, and a Medicare rebate will be available electronically on the day (if applicable).

  • Long appointments can be billed at a higher cost without notice. If you're not sure, or have a lot to discuss with the doctor, please call the rooms to speak with reception.

  • Wait times are unknown for each appointment, as each patient is given the utmost care. We encourage you to give plenty of time for your appointment, just in case. 

COVID19 Information

  • Masks are mandatory to attend this clinic, unless you have a medical exemption.

  • Please do not attend our clinic if you are experiencing any COVID related symptoms, are in quarantine, been to a hotspot, are awaiting a COVID test or been in contact with someone who is awaiting their COVID test. Please call if you're unsure.

  • Vaccination certification is required at attendance. We are continuing to see unvaccinated patients at this time, but some conditions may apply when booking with hospitals.

  • All staff are fully vaccinated at this clinic and we highly encourage all patients (especially immunocompromised patients) to vaccinate as advised by their GP.

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